About GeoRide
GeoRide is the reference in the field of connected vehicles thanks to our innovative and complete solution which protects the rider and his vehicle.
We are deeply committed to modernizing the Powersports market so that it can establish itself as the transportation of tomorrow and decongest our cities.
GeoRide includes the user in all its decisions, he is the core of the design of our features.

Our concept

Your vehicle is always with you!

Your ride will always be in your pocket thanks to your GeoRide and its application.

GPS tracker

Locate your motorcycle in real time and relive your best rides from the app.

Connected alarm

Be notified immediately if someone touches the motorcycle and trigger the included siren remotely.

Crash detection

Reassure your loved ones when you ride and be alerted in the event of a fall in the parking lot.
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Protect your motorcycle

Discover GeoRide

The device connected to your GeoRide mobile application.

Dan georide

Protect your motorcycle

Discover GeoRide

The device connected to your GeoRide mobile application.

Connection to the GEORIDE network

Your vehicle is secured

Available in the United States and in 170 countries all around the world, GeoRide easily connects to your vehicle’s battery without ever draining it.

Your ride is always in your pocket thanks to our application available on iOS and Android. The most complete and efficient one on the market!

Securité Georide
tracker moto
Discover GeoRide

There are 3 main functionalities within a single device connected to your vehicle.

Real time location

Accuracy up to less than a couple feet. Your location is updated every second during turns to accurately relive your rides.

Replay your trips

From speed to lean angle without mentioning the weather, GeoRide includes the best performing GPS Tracker on the market.

Share with your loved ones

Share your location in real time with your loved ones on the application or generate a web link.

How was this idea of an Android app for bikers born?

In 2017, Thomas had the idea of developing an Android application for motorcyclists connected to a GPS tracker after the theft of his own motorcycle, despite the security of the parking lot in which it was parked. As he has been a motorcycle enthusiast from an early age and the owner of his yellow Suzuki DRZ supermoto for a few years, this theft particularly saddened him. Losing your motorcycle is also losing a part of yourself, and all the memories that go with it.

After hearing the advice of some friends, he learned about the various motorcycle locks that existed at that time. Plenty were sound alarms but few were connected to the phone. He investigated these, comparing the different reviews and testimonials he found. He was particularly disappointed with the offers and the features offered. None of them allowed the owner to be notified of an attempted theft when it happens, or to be able to trace his motorcycle with unfailing reliability. Because they are operating on battery, most beacons suffer from a lack of autonomy, but also a lack of precision and responsiveness.

Thomas then decided to look into the development of an app for motorcycles and riders thatvwould meet his own expectations, which were also shared by the majority of the biker community. Three main features: a motorcycle gps tracker to know the position of your motorcycle in real time and review all your trips, a connected alarm to be notified of the slightest movement of your vehicle with the possibility of triggering a 110 dB audible siren remotely and finally parking tip over and crash detection to ride with complete peace of mind and reassure your family.

Embarking on this new project was significant for him. It was not about developing a simple GPS tracker, but about imagining a tool that could ease the life of all motorcycle owners, and allow them to sleep soundly at night.

application birth

An iPhone application
in line with your expectations

GeoRide is an iPhone application for riders connected to a connected device (also available on the Play Store) developed in early November 2017. It has been designed to meet the numerous expectations of the Powersports community: to reassure all Powersports owners, reassure friends and family when traveling, and further develop the solidarity of this already close-knit community.

Thomas came up with a solution whose primary objective was to be an anti-theft system. A device that is connected to the motorcycle battery to avoid low autonomy and therefore irregular operation. It communicates with an Android and iPhone application that you install on your smartphone. As his research progresses, he adds functionalities to GeoRide and its application, in particular with crash detection which contacts the relatives of the user in the event of a fall in the parking lot or an accident.

In June 2018, GeoRide is officially launched and finally meets its public.
The automatic notifications or phone calls triggered at the slightest vibration of the motorcycle gave users a huge sense of serenity, which greatly contributed to the early success of GeoRide.

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