Relive your trips thanks to the motorcycle GPS tracker

The best GPS tracker

Real time location

Take advantage of the power of GeoRide and the very fast localization of your vehicle.

Your motorbike is connected 24/7. Even when your application is closed, your GeoRide continues to communicate with our server to regularly transmit the position of your motorcycle.

Your GeoRide sends 10 positions per second in turns and every 5 seconds on straights. Extreme responsiveness to better track your bike.

GeoRide embeds the new Galileo positioning system. Never doubt again where your bike is.

Complete statistics

Relive your trips

The GeoRide application excels in this area. 

Relive your rides once again with the exact route taken, weather, altitude, speed, and even lean angle.

weather speed elevation displayed

Weather display

GeoRide collects the weather forecast at all stages of your ride.

If it rained during your ride, it will rain in your app. You will find the sunshine, the clouds, the rain, the storms, the temperature and even the cities you crossed during your journey.

All in one

Distance traveled, trip time, average speed and maximum speed. All the main information about your trip is accessible at a glance on the trip view.

The GeoRide is not an approved speed instrument. Recorded speed can never be used against you.

replay of your ride by georide

Replay your rides

Thanks to the innovative replay mode of your trip, you can see your avatar driving directly on the map. You can move it to any moment of the ride to retrieve your speed or the weather at that time.

Revivez vos trajet grace a georide
Lean angle recording

When cornering, GeoRide measures the lean angle you are taking every second.

Efficiently measure your performance thanks to our innovative interface that has no any equivalent.

GeoRide Maintenance reminder
Maintenance reminders

GeoRide automatically alerts you when it’s time to check your tire pressure or lubricate your motorcycle’s chain.

You are free to create customized automatic maintenance reminders.

Location sharing

GeoRide offers a unique way to use the GPS Tracker while respecting your privacy.

You can share your statistics and location with your loved ones in the app or quickly generate a web link for your loved ones to follow your trip in real time.

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They are already enjoying GeoRide

GeoRide is the reference for connected motorcycles.

Achetez georide – boitier georide


Buy GeoRide

Buy yourself the best way to protect and connect your motorcycle. Enjoy regular updates of the GeoRide app and connected device.

Shipped on July 31st.

Achetez georide – boitier georide


Buy GeoRide

Buy yourself the best way to protect and connect your motorcycle. Enjoy regular updates of the GeoRide app and connected device.

Shipped on July 31st.

Designed and made in france

Discover the GeoRide connected device

The brand new GeoRide features numerous innovations to protect and connect your motorcycle even better.


Go on vacation with peace of mind, GeoRide protects your bike continuously even after several months without starting it.

Remotely check the battery level of your motorcycle wherever you are.

Works with 50cc, 125cc motorcycles and vehicles without battery.

Connected Alarm

Be immediately alerted by notification or phone call if someone touches your motorcycle.

Crash Detector

Thanks to its integrated sensors, GeoRide detects the accident and warns your loved ones.

The GPS Tracker for Motorcycle: GeoRide

GeoRide is an application equipped with a GPS tracker for motorcycles. It’s a small device that is connected to your vehicle’s battery.

A motorcycle GPS tracker recognized as “accurate and functional”

This motorcycle GPS tracker has been recognized by the motorcycle community for being extremely accurate. GeoRide is connected to your motorcycle battery using the provided cable. This way, it is constantly powered, and you are sure not to encounter any autonomy problem. We don’t always think about recharging our batteries before going camping, it’s the same problem when we have a motorcycle GPS beacon… GeoRide has an E-SIM card included that works anywhere in the world.

The GeoRide team has developed one of the best Android and iPhone motorcycle GPS on the market today, thinking about everything that other beacons might be missing. The final product is complete, and includes all the features necessary for the serenity of a motorcyclist: GPS tracker, crash detector, anti-theft connected alarm…

This specific motorcycle GPS is perfectly suited to riding a motorcycle which is, of course, not the same as driving a four-wheeler. The location is instantaneous, you can benefit from extremely precise statistics on your riding (knowing your speed at each second of your journey for example…).

Moto Magazine took the time to test our motorcycle GPS tracker by simulating the theft of a motorcycle that was then placed in a van. The GeoRide device was able to trace the vehicle all along its route. In addition to the “GPS” functionality, our connected device also helps you find your motorcycle (either stolen or lost in the large supermarket parking lot, etc.).

A GPS app for motorcycle

Georide is linked to the motorcycle GPS app GeoRide. Via its included E-SIM card and the application, it can send messages to the people you have selected, or even call you if it notices that your motorcycle is moving while it is in lock mode. The advantage of GeoRide is that the service works even if it is not open on your smartphone.

The stand-alone motorcycle GPS tracker application allows you to record all the trips made so that you can export them in a format readable by your GPS. You can also merge multiple trips to create a new one based on your old trips.

GeoRide introduces the Auto Zone Lock feature. You can define certain areas as your home, or your workplace, and your app will automatically arm the connected alarm once you are parked. This allows you to trigger the connected alarm if someone touches or moves your motorcycle. You can easily and intuitively organize your different locking zones.

This motorcycle GPS app is complete, it will be at your side during all your journeys, and even beyond. It’s not just a motorcycle GPS tracker, GeoRide goes beyond user expectations by notifying you of your motorcycle’s maintenance reminder, allowing you to manage multiple GeoRide on the same application, or even by developing a real biker community with you.

The motorcycle GPS tracker that cares about your data

We have been particularly vigilant in designing a motorcycle GPS tracker with an E-SIM card included that is respectful of your data. We make sure to secure your personal data, and to ensure their storage in our center.

Your data, in particular speed data, will never be sold to a third party or transmitted to law enforcement to justify a speeding violation. Our Android and iPhone motorcycle GPS tracker was not designed or even certified to monitor your speed, it cannot be used for this purpose.

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