The motorcycle safety app that provides complete peace of mind

Available soon in the USA and Mexico
Emergency call

In the event of an accident, you benefit from the automatic emergency call in 10+ countries in Europe. Available soon in the USA and Mexico. If you are outside these countries, your loved ones will be the ones to be notified in no time.


How does it operate ?

Thanks to its sensors, GeoRide detects the crash and that the motorcycle has been on the ground for 10 seconds.


Available 24/7, our assistance service will call you 3 times to find out about your health status.

First Responders

If you do not respond and your bike is still, emergency services will be sent to your location and we will notify your loved ones.


The motorcycle crash alert app

Discover GeoRide, the motorcycle crash Alert app for your motorbike and scooter.

The GeoRide motorcycle crash alert app analyzes your motorcycle in real time and triggers the emergency alert if a crash is detected.

There is no more surprise to see your motorbike on the ground, the stand stuck in the grass. You are notified instantly when your motorcycle tips over while being parked.

Real-time notifications

With GeoRide, your loved ones are notified instantly when you reach your destination.

Reassure your loved ones

The GeoRide crash detection takes the worry out of your loved ones when you go on a ride.

Independent of your phone

GeoRide is completely autonomous and uses its own network with multi-carrier coverage. You will be protected even if you go for a ride without your smartphone.

autonomous independent from smartphone

Designed and made in france

Discover the GeoRide connected device

The brand new GeoRide features numerous innovations to protect and connect your motorcycle even better.


Go on vacation with peace of mind, GeoRide protects your vehicle continuously even after several months without starting it.

Remotely check the battery level of your vehicle wherever you are.

Works with mopeds, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs and all kinds of vehicles. Even if they don’t have a battery.

They are already enjoying GeoRide

GeoRide is the reference for connected vehicles.

GPS tracker

Locate your motorcycle in real time and measure your performance.

Connected Alarm

Thanks to its integrated sensors, GeoRide detects the accident and warns your closed ones.

I want to get a GeoRide

Free & fast delivery nationwide. Protect your bike now.

GeoRide, the motorcycle Safety application for Android and iOS

The GeoRide motorcycle safety application detects crashes and warns your loved ones if you do not report your condition.

Motorcycle Crash app detection for all riders

With GeoRdie, the Motorcycle Crash App detection, you are protected in all your trips. When you have an accident, GeoRide detecte it and call your phone. If you don’t answer, GeoRdie immediately call the emergencies. Location is communicated to allow them to rescue you quickly 

The motorcycle Crash app numer one for Android and iOS

No protection system is as developed as GeoRide, the motorcycle crash app for Android and iOS. The fall sensors associated with various other sensors offer you the best protection, for you and for your motorcycle !