Sleep soundly, your bike is safe

Try our connected alarm

You are warned immediately at the slightest movement on your motorcycle.

bike anti-theft device

Vibration alert

Discover the pleasure of living your motorcycle passion with peace of mind. Your motorcycle is in your pocket, and will alert you to the slightest movement.

Only a call can wake you up at night so that the police can be alerted and can intervene as quickly as possible.

Receive a push notification on your smartphone in seconds.

110 dB included,  130 dB available as an option

Anti-theft siren

Effectively deter thieves.
Automatically program the anti-theft siren to go off at each movement or choose to trigger it remotely by yourself.

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Discover the proximity badge

Included with your GeoRide 3 box, the new Bluetooth proximity badge allows you to activate or deactivate the protection automatically when you are close to your motorcycle.

The badge can be hung on your keys or slipped into your jacket pocket. The battery life of the badge lasts one year and is easily replaceable.

The CONNECTed motorcycle

All GeoRide alerts

Whatever happens to your vehicle, you are warned.

Be immediately alerted if someone touches your motorcycle. The alert is triggered in the event of a shake or oscillation. The sensitivity level is customizable.

GeoRide warns you if the vehicle leaves its parking zone while the driver is not recognized.

This alert is triggered when GeoRide connects to the GeoRide cellular network.

This transparent operation allows you to be reassured about the proper functioning of your GeoRide.

This alert is triggered when GeoRide is disconnected from the GeoRide cellular network.

You can then quickly intervene to check that your motorcycle is safe.

This alert is very useful to be notified when a loved one stops in a specific area after a ride.

This alert is triggered when the temperature of your vehicle is abnormally high. During a fire, for example.

When the vehicle battery is too low, GeoRide automatically switches to eco mode to continue operating without impacting your motorcycle.

You are notified when your GeoRide's battery is too low.

You will need to connect it to the motorcycle battery or charge it by USB.

In the event of an accident being detected, GeoRide alerts your loved ones.

You are instantly notified when your motorcycle tips over while parked.

When installing GeoRide on your vehicle, you receive an alert when the connection to the battery is successful.

When the vehicle's battery is cut off, GeoRide alerts you and continues to run on its internal battery.

You receive an alert when a user around you needs help (example: out of gas).

GeoRide automatically alerts you when maintenance is due on your vehicle.

With the GeoRide connected magnet, you are notified immediately when the GeoRide is attached with the included magnet.

With the GeoRide connected magnet, you are notified immediately when the GeoRide is torn from the vehicle.


The advantages of the GeoRide alarm

There’s no need to scare you with worrying theft statistics. We prefer to showcase our unique solution that takes away the stress of being robbed.

Discover the serenity of parking your motorcycle without checking the window every minute to know that it is still there.

Schedule alarms by phone call at specific times of the day, activate notifications or deactivate email alerts.

Achetez georide – boitier georide


Buy GeoRide

Buy yourself the best way to protect and connect your motorcycle. Enjoy regular updates of the GeoRide app and connected device.

Shipped on July 31st.

Achetez georide – boitier georide


Buy GeoRide

Buy yourself the best way to protect and connect your motorcycle. Enjoy regular updates of the GeoRide app and connected device.

Shipped on July 31st.

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They are already enjoying GeoRide

GeoRide is the reference for connected motorcycles.

Designed and made in france

Discover the GeoRide connected device

The brand new GeoRide features numerous innovations to protect and connect your motorcycle even better.


Go on vacation with peace of mind, GeoRide protects your bike continuously even after several months without starting it.

Remotely check the battery level of your motorcycle wherever you are.

Works with 50cc, 125cc motorcycles and vehicles without battery.

GPS tracker

Locate your motorcycle in real time and measure your performance.

Crash detector

Thanks to its integrated sensors, GeoRide detects the accident and warns your loved ones.

The motorcycle alarm on smartphone: GeoRide

GeoRide is presented as a motorcycle alarm connected to your smartphone. It works thanks to an application connected to a device that is plugged into your motorcycle. This application is available on the usual app stores (Apple Store and Play store) and is completely free. It has been designed to offer a complete service based on the needs that you have as a motorcyclist: locate yourself and your bike, reassure your loved ones and feel safe when you ride. It thus offers three main functionalities meeting your needs: GPS tracker, fall detector, and connected anti-theft alarm.

A motorcycle alarm that guards your vehicle

GeoRide wanted to develop a motorcycle alarm with the aim of reassuring all motorcyclists when they park their motorcycle in the street, in a public parking lot or elsewhere. Motorcycle thefts are quite common, especially during the summer period, and mostly at night when you sleep.  Statistics show that ¾ of the time theft takes place very close to your home, and half of the time it takes place on the street.

A little more than half of the motorcycles are found a few days after the theft, mainly when it is equipped with a GPS tracker which indicates the position of the vehicle in real time.

Equipping yourself with a connected motorcycle alarm is not superfluous, far from it. While it does not prevent theft in most cases, it does help the police find the stolen item as quickly as possible.

Insurance companies can give you a discount on the cost of your contract if you have a two-wheeler alarm. Take the time to contact different insurers in order to choose the one that will offer you the most advantageous and appropriate offer.

Nathan’s bike is ringing

3-in-1 motorcycle GPS alarm

GeoRide was developed to include key features : crash detector, connected alarm and GPS for motorcycles. By associating the GPS tracker with the connected alarm, we are able to offer you functional, responsive and precise features. The motorcycle alarm system works this way: the GeoRide connected to the motorcycle is able to geolocate your motorcycle, and detect if someone touches or moves it when it is supposed to be in a locked area.

GeoRide then sends the information to the app on your smartphone, which sends it to you via the notification of your choice (call or push notification). From there, either you can go out and check that your motorcycle is still here and that it was a false alarm, or you find that there really is an attempted theft and you can immediately call the police .

Lock zones are places where you usually park your motorcycle, such as your home, workplace, bar or supermarket.

Your anti bike jacking motorcycle alarm application will lock these zones once you have entered one of them, and activate the vibration and motion detector of the GeoRide connected to your motorcycle. It also informs you of the disconnection of the power supply of your GeoRide, which will continue to operate thanks to the autonomy of its battery.

The GeoRide is fully independent of the application. Even if the app is not launched on your phone, you will still receive the notification warning you of a possible theft attempt.

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