The motorcycle anti theft device : GeoRide

GeoRide is a connected motorcycle antitheft solution in addition to its GPS tracker functionalities and 4G connectivity. The GeoRide application informs you as soon as the GeoRide connected to your vehicle detects an abnormal movement. You can rest easy knowing that GeoRide watches over your ride for you.

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How does this alarm for motorcycle theft work?

Our motorcycle anti-theft alarm system is connected to your smartphone through the E-SIM card integrated into the GeoRide. It communicates with an application that you can download for free on the Apple Store or Play Store. However, it does not have to be launched on your smartphone for the GeoRide to work. You can very well turn off your phone, and continue to access GeoRide’s features: GPS tracker, crash detection, and connected alarm. But if you want to be notified of an attempt to steal your ride, it’s best to keep your phone on and turn off silent mode.

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Protect your motorcycle

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Buy yourself the best way to protect and connect your motorcycle. Enjoy regular updates of the GeoRide app and connected device.

Buy georide – georide device

Protect your motorcycle

Buy GeoRide

Buy yourself the best way to protect and connect your motorcycle. Enjoy regular updates of the GeoRide app and connected device.

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A moto theft prevention GPS device that calls you when someone touches your bike

One of the features of this motorcycle theft prevention application is the ability to set geographical lock areas corresponding to the places where you usually go: home, workplace, school, supermarket…
These locking zones automatically activate the protection of your motorcycle anti theft alarm. You can choose after how many seconds/minutes you want the zone to lock automatically, to give you time to park once you arrive near your home/workplace, etc. You can also set the radius of the desired lock area to prevent motorcycle theft.

Once the protection is activated, GeoRide can detect even the slightest unusual vibration of your two-wheeler, as well as any unplanned movement. Immediately, a call or a notification is sent to you, depending on your preference. You can then go outside to check what is going on and act accordingly to prevent motorcycle theft (such as calling the police).


GeoRide works using a motorcycle anti-theft GPS chip to locate your motorcycle even when transported inside a closed van. Thus, if your motorcycle is moved by strangers, you can keep track of all its movements, and geolocate it. From there, a call to the nearest police station should allow you to recover your vehicle as quickly as possible. GeoRide is also a gps tracker for scooter recovery ! The anti theft gps tracking device works well on Scooter, Dirt bike etc.

Motorcycle anti-theft devices help you lower your deductible

Because it is considered a responsive and accurate motorcycle anti-theft device by the riders, bikers, and the professional community, equipping yourself with the GeoRide device will help you lower the deductible of some insurances. Contact us to find out more about the insurers who rely on GeoRide.

The modus operandi of vehicle thieves is relatively well known, especially among the police. They do not steal a motorcycle by riding or driving it but they rather remove it by loading it inside a van or trailer. In the vast majority of cases, they take it not very far from where the vehicle was originally parked. They then wait a few days, in the event that someone saw them or that the bike is equipped with a tracker that they have not noticed, to be sure that the police do not arrest them.

If you are equipped with an anti-theft GPS tracking device for motorcycles, you are able to find your motorcycle immediately. If the thief cuts the battery power, GeoRide sends you a notification directly. The GeoRide’s internal battery allows it to operate for a few more hours in real time.

When you indicate on your application that your vehicle has been stolen, a notification is automatically sent to all GeoRide users within a radius of about thirty miles. It contains all the information necessary to identify the stolen vehicle (license plate, make, model, photos, etc.). GeoRide is not a simple application equipped with a GPS for motorcycle theft, it is a real community of mutual aid between riders. Everyone will stand in solidarity with the owner whose ride was stolen.

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