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The GeoRide concept

Your vehicle is always with you thanks to your GeoRide and its powerful app.

GPS Tracker

Locate your vehicle in real time and replay your favorite trips in the app.

Connected Alarm

Be immediately alerted if someone touches your vehicle and trigger your anti-theft siren remotely.

Crash Detection

Reassure your loved ones when you are riding and be notified in case of a parking lot crash.

CONNEction to georide network

Your vehicle is secured
Available in 170 countries across the world, GeoRide connects easily to your Powersport vehicle’s battery without ever damaging it. Your Powersport vehicle is always with you thanks to our mobile app available on IOS and Android devices. The most complete and efficient Powersports tracking device on the market.
Discover GeoRide
3 main features inside a single connected device hidden on your vehicle.
Real time location

Accuracy up to less than a couple feet. Your location is updated every second during turns to accurately relive your rides.

Replay your trips

From speed to lean angle without mentioning the weather, GeoRide includes the best performing GPS Tracker on the market.

Share with your loved ones

Share your location in real time with your loved ones on the application or generate a web link.

They are already enjoying GeoRide

GeoRide is the reference for connected vehicles.


GeoRide partners with a manufacturer

Revolution in the motorcycle industry! The first connected motorcycle in the world is the result of the exclusive partnership between CFMOTO & GeoRide: the 700 CL-X Sport GeoRide.
The sporty roadster from CFMOTO, in addition to its technical qualities and high-end components, allows to fully benefit from the GeoRide experience. The motorcycle comes standard with a GeoRide box.

Only 50 units of the 700 CL-X Sport GeoRide are available from CFMOTO dealers.

GeoRide device


The GeoRide device

Easily hide GeoRide on your vehicle and connect it to your battery in a few minutes.

The best way to protect and connect your vehicle is with GeoRide, the motorcycle gps tracker.

Locate your ride in real-time on your application, receive an alert if someone sits on it and notify your loved ones automatically if you crash with GeoRide, the motorcycle gps tracker.

The perfect GPS Tracker for motorcycle to go on road trips

How to go on a road trip in the best conditions if you do not have a GPS tracker for motorcycles ? On our iPhone motorcycle app (also available on Android), you can plan your road trip down to the smallest detail.

GeoRide, the motorbike tracker, automatically saves your rides so you can replay them later. If you liked two routes, you can merge them together to make one, and then export it in .gpx format so that you can read it via any other GPS motorcycle tracker. You can even send it to a friend who didn’t want to download the GeoRide motorcycle app and will still be able to find out about your ride.

replay your trips relive your journey

A gps tracker for motorcycle to reduce theft

Owning a Powersports GPS tracker for motorcycle is known to reduce the number of vehicle thefts. It does not always reduce risk, unless the thief is worried to find a Powersports tracker and stops himself from stealing. But it helps to find the stolen vehicle easily. You are staying a step ahead of him, since you can warn the police who will go to the geolocated position of your ATV or UTV. They can find it before the thieves destroy it or begin to dismantle it to resell the parts.

By making it easier to recover stolen vehicles, criminals will hesitate twice before committing their crime.

GeoRide gives an exact and real-time position of your vehicle. This permanent tracking, even when the vehicle is hidden inside a van or trailer, allows you to immediately retrieve its precise position. You will receive all this information on your Android and iPhone GeoRide app.

In order to anticipate the theft of your vehicle, GeoRide detects the slightest abnormal vibration of your Powersports when it is parked. Thanks to the included E-SIM card, GeoRide sends you a notification or calls you in case of the possible ongoing theft.

While creating GeoRide, the objective was to overcome the inefficiency of an independent sound alarm. The idea is to equip your vehicle with a GPS tracker that can warn you of the detection of an unusual vibration, and then geolocate it as precisely as possible.

In order to avoid any power cut, GeoRide also works on its internal battery in the event of voluntary disconnection.

A motorcycle tracker that reassures your loved ones

Our motorcycle GPS tracker was designed to reassure those close to the rider. it’s normal to worry when your friend, brother or sister, parent or child takes off on their motorcycle since it’s impossible to know if there will be an accident along the way.

GeoRide has been equipped with crash detection which alerts the chosen people if the rider crashes, or suffers an accident. Your loved ones can then contact the emergency services if they receive this notification, and give them your position using the motorcycle GPS tracker in the USA or anywhere in the world.

Our team has chosen to develop an Android and IOS application for motorcycles that is autonomous. Thus, all its features will be functional even if you forget to launch the application. The motorcycle gps tracker work also in USA ! Plug it on your motorbike and ride safe all across the country.


GeoRide is not just a motorbike tracker, it’s also a scooter gps tracker ! With the gps tracker for electric scooter, your vehicule will be safe everywhere !

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